Paintings for the soul - Bible scripture painting art from Jody Coulston
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My name is Jody Coulston, I am an Artist, an Art Teacher and a Precept upon Precept Bible Teacher. These mixed media paintings are the answer to prayer as the Lord has shown me how I might combine my two favorite things, His Word and creating beautiful Artwork.

I was teaching a "Precept upon Precept" Bible class on Colossians, when the Lord convicted my heart. I knew I needed to boldly hold up the Word of God as Truth. I was so impassioned, I painted out scriptures as art on canvas. That was the start of:
Since then I have been painting God's Word, scripture over scripture. In my paintings, sometimes there is one simple verse, other times I paint a chapter or more that acts as a background, securing the foreground words to the canvas. Verses overlap verses, just like God's Word overlaps every area of our lives. I paint from the heart, often from scripture that is ringing in my mind from my own Bible studies, or I paint out verses that are meaningful to others.

If you have a favorite set of verses from the Bible, I'd love to turn them into works of ART for you, or I have high quality giclee reproductions that are available in various sizes.

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